A Gilbert & Sullivan Extravaganza and 'TRIAL BY JURY'
May 2022


This production will be in two parts:

1st Half - will be songs from various Gilbert & Sullivan productions, of duets, trios, quartets and choruses. It is designed to give many people an opportunity to perform. The stage setting will be a half open stage, decorated from the front.


2nd Half - TRIAL BY JURY (or Chaos in the Courtroom), which is about 50 to 60 minutes duration.



Stage setting is a court room painted in a ‘comic theme’ Although it is referred to sometimes as an Opera/Operetta, it is an all sung with no spoken dialogue. It is a comedy, a farce and very satirical. Setting a Court House in Australia.

Trial by Jury hasn’t any rights and we are able to reinterpret and update the production. Our version of the play will be set in 2022.



Can you sue someone for breaking off an engagement? In Gilbert and Sullivan’s courtroom farce Trial by Jury, it’s a very serious crime! The fickle and bigoted defendant, Bradley, has fallen in love with another woman and has jilted the plaintiff, the beautiful Angelina. Unfortunately for Brad, all the members of the jury (and the judge) have fallen for Angelina themselves. Brad proposes that to solve the conflict, he “marry this lady today and the other tomorrow,” which,naturally, Angelina objects to.

Ultimately, the resolution that pleases everyone is for the judge to marry Angelina himself! This is delightfully ludicrous one-act romp through the well know melodies of Gilbert and Sullivan. Hailed by theatre scholar Kurt Gänzl as "probably the most successful British one-act operetta of all time,” Trial by Jury is a bite-sized portion of Gilbert and Sullivan’s signature witty lyrics, catchy tunes, and ridiculous plotlines.

A note on dialogue: Unlike most Gilbert and Sullivan shows, there is no spoken dialogue in Trial by Jury. There will be a small orchestra.


from 10am Saturday 4th December 2021



  • The Learned Judge

  • Angelina (the Plaintiff)

  • Bradley (the Defendant)

  • Counsel for the Plaintiff

  • Foreman of the Jury

  • A comic character, acting only, causing havoc.



The Public Gallery will comprise of lady journalists and notable society people and the jury is made up of males. The chorus will take on the personae of politicians, sports people or famous Australian socialites.

The chorus is on stage during the whole production. Singing continually, a lot of movement, mostly chaotic, and the female chorus will be armed with their mobile phones. Now that’s a first.



Prepare one song that demonstrates your voice type, range and intonation.

  1. Please bring a copy of the sheet music of the song you want to perform.

  2. If you don't have the sheet music, you can sing 'Advance Australia Fair'

    Robyn will be able to play it the key that suits your voice.

  3. If you have a backing tape for your song, that is fine.

  4. You may also sing a capella.

  5. If you are unable to attend on 4th Dec, we can make arrangements

    to audition at another time.

  6. To book your 10 min audition timeslot please register online at:

    Trial By Jury AUDITIONS



Rehearsals will begin February 2022 on Tuesday/Thursday evenings at 7pm at a venue to be advised, then move to the Players Theatre in late February when Oliver! starts.