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The next Auditions are for 

Information Session: 1st July @ 10am

Audition Day: 15th July


“A rags to riches ‘in tight breeches’, musical comedy”

Bill, a Lambeth costermonger, is revealed to be the new Earl of Hareford and his newly discovered aristocratic relations are horrified (to say the least). They attempt to educate Bill into ways of gentry and separate him from his cockney girlfriend Sally. The result? Chaos of the most comical kind with a host of hilarious characters, witty one-liners and several toe-tapping, uplifting songs by Noel Gay (including famous Lambeth Walk, The Sun Has Got His Hat on and Leaning On A Lamppost) Me and My Girl is a sublime and sunny treat for all fans of musical comedy!

Stephen Fry has revised the book for this version of the show.

Audition information will be available after the information session

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