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Port Macquarie and The Hastings' Community Theatre for over 50 years


The Players Theatre Inc. owns and operates the Players Theatre. This superb, 230 seat venue not only provides first class entertainment for residents of the Port Macquarie and Hastings region, but enables the community to be involved and experience all facets of theatre- including acting, directing, set design, stage construction, make-up and costuming.

The ‘Players ‘ have been active for over 50 years, consistently staging 5-6 productions annually- ranging from drama, comedy, musical and pantomime.

The theatre is also available for hire to outside organisations and operates a Costume Hire Dept. boasting an extensive range of theatrical and party costumes for hire.

The operation of the Players Theatre relies on ticket sales, although, more recently, a substantial Government Grant allowed for a sprinkler system to be installed and smaller grants have provided funds for on-going structural improvements.

One Act Play Festival 2017 It’s happening!

We are forging ahead with plans for 2017.

The Players Theatre Inc One Act Play Festival 2017 is supported by the NSW Government through Arts NSW

Great enthusiasm by the Festival committee and excellent preliminary progress means we are well on the way to staging a very successful Festival on the June long weekend,9th,10th & 11th June 2017. New reduced entry fee of $50per entry. Major prize for Best Production is $1000. Ajudicator is Lesly Stevenson from ‘DAPA on Beaumont’ in Newcastle.

Entries close 5pm Saturday 1st April 2017.


Our Next Production - Sweet Charity

11th November - 4th December 2016


Sweey Charity 11th November - 4th December 2016

Direction by Lance Thompson and Susan Morvan
Musical Direction by Ian Castle and Lindsay Kaul
Choreography by Sarah Rowsell and Rose Hawken

Charity Hope Valentine is the girl, or more accurately the woman, employed as a hostess at a New York dance hall in the late 1960's. Inside the Fan-Dango Ballroom Charity works with streetwise hostesses who often share their cynical advice about love and occasionally their long abandoned dreams while Herman makes sure the customers get what they've paid for.

Outside the dance hall, Charity's innocent vulnerability is repeatedly taken advantage of by con artists and panhandlers. Our heroine does manage a fleeting glimpse of fame when she unexpectedly spends the night in the closet of the Italian screen idol, Vittorio Vidal while he reconciles with his beautiful jet-set girlfriend.

Charity's "real" chance for happiness comes when the fickle finger of fate traps her in an elevator with a claustrophobic tax accountant called Oscar Lindquist who also seems to be in search of... "something". Charity joins Oscar as he attends a service at the Rhythm of Life Church led by the Reverend Daddy Brubeck, the spiritual leader of a former San Francisco jazz group turned religious cult. Romance ensues only to falter when Oscar discovers Charity's true occupation and dating history.

Through trials and tribulations, sweet Charity continues searching for love, wide-eyed and hopeful.

Charity Hope Valentine is played by well known local talent Simone Berry and Mark Garrett takes on his first lead role as Oscar Lindquist in this journey of life and love by playwright Neil Simon. Sweet Charity features well known songs such as Big Spender, Rythym of Life and If My Friends Could See Me Now and showcases the wonderfully unique dancing styles of Bob Fosse.

Scenes From Some Of Our Productions

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