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Henrik Ibsen’s classic drama written in 1879 and cleverly adapted by Director Hamish Keddie to prewar 1939 Norway. Assistant Director Emily Barham is Hamish Keddie’s able assistant in this intriguing adaptation.

It is Christmas Eve, Oslo Norway, Germany marches across Europe and Norway is about to be invaded. The story revolves around Nora, superbly performed by Bianca Churcher. She is supported in her performance by husband Torvald played by talented Anthony Miles. 

They have been married eight years and have three children cared for by their Nursemaid. Nora saved her husband’s life by borrowing money from a man from Torvald’s past, Nils Krogstad. Krogstad is conniving and ambitious and played by Paul Bishop.

Torvald is by appearances a good provider and a pillar of the community but in reality a weak man, sarcastic, controlling and treats his wife like a showpiece. Krogstad is ambitious and resorts to blackmail.

A story of a woman’s fight for freedom in a world dominated by men. Is she right? Have times really changed? You be the judge.

This dramatic piece is supported by superb acting from a wonderful cast. Dr Rank, Torvald’s friend and confident played by Jim Mitchel. Mrs Linde, Nora’s friend from the past played by Janet Dawson. The Nursemaid of Nora’s children and in fact Nora’s nursemaid played by Margaret Nicolson and of course Lars , the family’s Butler played by Matthew Barnes.

Hamish Keddie

Emily Barham


Torvald Helmer – Anthony Miles

Nora Helmer, his wife – Bianca Churcher

Doctor Rank – Jim Mitchell

Mrs. Lindt – Janet Dawson

Nils Krogstad – Paul Bishop

Anne, the Nurse – Margaret Nicolson 

Butler – Matthew Barnes

Porter – Matthew Barnes 

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