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Chemical Imbalance is the story of the shy Henry Jekyll, who is the unmarried son of a wealthy Victorian family. In his laboratory, he conducts secret experiments in an attempt to isolate the organic component that determines whether we are controlled by the good or the evil inside us. Finding a potion he believes will work, he tries it out on himself to disastrous effect. His evil half is an alter ego named Mr. Hyde who emerges to wreak havoc. In the end, a well meaning Jekyll pays the price for the crimes committed by Hyde, and is punished for his own sin of tampering with nature.                                          

Gunter Bieniasch


Euphronia Jekyll

Dr Jekyll / Mr Hyde

Ambrosia Jekyll

Xavier Utterson

Rosamunda Dewthistle

Lady Throckmortonshire






Kate Meredith 

Bill Harrow

Bianca Churcher

Anthony Miles

Penny Evens

Paul Bishop

Annelise Turner

Daniel Parlevliet

Angela Quee

Nicholas Kable

Dallas Laundry

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