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Lovers of innuendo and British humor, Flying Circus fans and seekers of laughs – look no further than this uproarious play.To the delight of fans everywhere, this popular British television comedy is now a stage show that revels in nonstop double entendres. 

When the motley crew of the Grace Brothers department store prepare for a sale of German goods and then depart for a staff holiday in Spain, they survive their stay in the tropics at a one star establishment and their encounters with everything from a Spanish crumpet to randy revolutionaries with everything intact but their modesty.

Directed By

John Hincks

Assisted By

Lance Thompson

Stage Manager

Angela Quee

The Cast

Vickii Byram

Georgia O’Keefe

Lara Cramp

Judy Campbell

Di Leslie


Adrian Davis

Paul Bishop

Anthony Miles

Paul Wild

Chris Phillips

Cameron Marshall

Bill Harrow

Guenther Bieniasch

Aiden Beckett

Paul Holcroft

Mrs Slocombe                            

Miss Brahms                                  
Female Customer                           
Vaccination Nurse                                   

Mr Humphries                                
Mr Rumbold                                   
Mr Lucas                                        
Captain Peacock                            
Mr Grainger                                   
Male Customer                             

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