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GET SMART is a full-length comedy-satire play adapted for the stage from the hilarious classic 1960s spy spoof TV series created by Mel Brooks. The show introduced the world to America's best secret agent, the bumbling Maxwell Smart – Agent 86, and his loyal sidekick Agent 99, plus The Chief and all the other goofy spies at the international spy agency CONTROL. In this play, after an elaborate diversionary wild-goose-chase around Washington DC, the hapless agents attempt to save humanity and stop the evil organization KAOS and its mysterious suave mastermind Mr Big from blowing up the Statue of Liberty.

Paul Bishop

Daniel Parlevliet
Assistant Director


Maxwell Smart

Agent 99


Mr Big

Princess Ingrid 



Professor Dante 

Professor Zalinka

Miss Finch


Agent 44

Agent 13

Little Sister

Anthony Miles

Georgia O'Keefe

Bill Harrow

Charlie Finnecy

Lara Cramp

Chris Phillips

Matt Barnes

Andrew Toomey

Wendy Beck

Vickii Byram

Kate Meredith

Adam Hempsell

Matteo Donati

Lilly Meredith


Amelie Oliver, Billy Bowen, Lisa Harris, Hailey Ketelaar, Nina Lindley, Padmini Sinha-Gröger, Piper Graham, Tilly McDonald

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