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Come Join The Party! 


Based on the Hollywood movie starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore, comes a hilarious musical comedy that celebrates all the fun of the ’80s. 


Yes, hair is big, collars are up, and it’s packed to the brim with feel-good moments that will make you smile.   

Robbie Hart is New Jersey’s number one wedding singer and the life of the party. That is until his own fiancee strands him at the altar. Bitter and broken, Robbie begins to make every wedding as disastrous as his own until a warm-hearted waitress named Julia intervenes. Only trouble is, Julia’s about to be-you guessed it-married! Can Robbie pull off the performance of the decade and win the girl of his dreams? 


Following sold out performances on Broadway and across the UK, The Wedding Singer features your favourite characters, and a sparkling new soundtrack that does for the 80’s what hairspray did for the 60’s.

Just say YES to the most joyful, romantic musical that has Australian audiences buzzing!

Hamish Keddie

Paul Bishop
Assistant Director

Kirsty Day

Gillian Mason
Vocal Director


Robbie Hart



Glen Guglia

Julia Sullivan 





Lachlan Fardy

Jordan Frith

Cherie Hurley

Daniel Parlevliet

Rachel Hughes

Jaimee Lindley

Shontelle Roberts

Tracy Stedman

Natalie McDonald


Andrew Toomey, Liam Toomey, Bethany Cook, Bianca Churcher, Cindy Brennan,

Georgia O’Keefe, Kate Meredith, Kate Simpson, Kirsten Keddie, Maddi Beukers, Michelle Bowen, Nina Lindley, Olivia Ward, Paul Wild, Regan Scotford, Rylee Parry, Sam Porto, Saoirse Barltrop, Thomas Allen, Zack Erdelyi

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