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Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of The Players Theatre Inc. will be held at 7.00pm, Thursday, 17th June 2021 at the Players Theatre, 33a Lord Street, Port Macquarie, 2444.


  1. Welcome

  2. In attendance

  3. Apologies

  4. Confirmation of minutes of previous Annual General Meeting 2020

  5. Auditors Report

  6. Treasurer's Report

  7. President’s Report

  8. Election of Office Bearers and Ordinary Members of the Committee

    a. The following positions will be declared vacant and filled by duly elected representatives:

    1. Office Bearers: 1. President

      2. 1st Vice-President 3. 2nd Vice-President 4. Secretary
      5. Treasurer

    2. Ordinary Members:
      1. Six (6) to be elected

  9. General Member Business

    If wishing to nominate for any committee positions (including office

bearers) nominations need to be made in writing using the attached form and signed by two (2) members of the organisation and delivered electronically or through mail to the secretary not less than seven (7) days before the Annual General Meeting (7pm, Thursday, 10th June 2021).

The Players Theatre Inc. committee will be required to undertake the coordination of the day to day operations of the theatre and will be required to abide by the company Code of Conduct. A committee nominee needs to be a financial adult member (over 18yrs of age) as of 10th June 2021.

Proxy votes are no longer permitted at the Annual General Meeting. Members must be present at the Annual General Meeting to vote.


If not nominating for the committee, membership renewals can be completed on the night of the Annual General Meeting between 6pm and 7pm. As part of the Annual General Meeting there will be a General Member Business Meeting. Any member wishing to raise business for discussion must give notice in writing electronically or mail to the Secretary, at least seven (7) days before the meeting (7pm, 10th June 2021).


The secretary will include that business in the agenda for that meeting. No official business other than that included in the agenda will be tabled at the Annual General Meeting. There will be unofficial questions from the floor.
If you choose electronic mail for official AGM correspondence, please state your full name, member number and address in the body of the e-mail.


Greg Frank
Secretary The Players Theatre Inc.

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