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Audition Date:

10.00am Saturday 15 July 2023



27 Oct to 19 Nov (4 weekends with 1 x Saturday Matinee on the last weekend). 13 x performances.


Synopsis of the show

Bill, a Lambeth costermonger, is revealed to be the new Earl of Hareford and his newly discovered aristocratic relations are horrified (to say the least). They attempt to educate Bill into ways of gentry and separate him from his cockney girlfriend Sally. The result? Chaos of the most comical kind with a host of hilarious characters, witty one-liners and several toe-tapping, uplifting songs by Noel Gay (including famous Lambeth Walk, The Sun Has Got His Hat on and Leaning On A Lamppost). Me and My Girl is a sublime and sunny treat for all fans of musical comedy!


Audition Information:

  • Auditions will begin at 10:00am in order of arrival.

  • Identify from the list below your chosen principal part and corresponding dialogue. or

  • Identify the ensemble number and select one or both styles of dialogue.

  • For singing and dancing auditionees, please click Here

  • An accompanist will be available at the audition.

  • Piano scales may be run to determine vocal ranges.

  • If unavailable for audition day, please contact Adrian Davis at to arrange an alternate audition method before 15 July.


 ***As ensemble, you may audition on your own or in groups of 2 or 3 if you wish. Sing in unison and ignore gender parts at this stage, so shine, smile and don’t panic ☺***



BILL (Baritone – F#2 to G4)
                “Me And My Girl” - Bar 1 to Bar 93. Remain with tune.

                And “The Lambeth Walk” – Bar 1 to 48 (Pages 29-30).


SALLY (Mezzo-Soprano – A3 to G#5)
                “Once You Lose Your Heart” - Bar 1 to 52, end of song.


THE DUCHESS OF DENE (Mezzo-Soprano – D4 to G5) 

                “Song of Hareford” – Bar 1 to 34.

LADY JAQUIE (Soprano – Bb3 to F5)

                 “Thinking of No-one But Me” – Bar 108 to bar 160. You can sing in Gerald’s part.

GERALD (Tenor – D2 to Bb4)

                “The Sun Has Got His Hat On” - Bar 47 to 93, includes scat ad-lib.

SIR JOHN( Baritone - C3 to F4)

                “Loves Make the World Go Round” – Bar 1 to 40, energico.

PARCHESTER (Tenor – D3 to Bb4)
                “The Family Solicitor” – Bar 107 to 131. (Sing All section through to Parchester again)


ENSEMBLE (Singing): (Baritone, Bass, Tenor, Alto, Soprano)
                “A Weekend in Hareford” – Bar 8 to 63, energico. (Sing from “The season in London” – to –                                                                                                               “she did write to me”)


You can be considered to join the cast as either: 

    a) dance ensemble member; 

    b) cast member who will dance; or 

    c) ensemble member (with movement). 


- Please indicate on the audition sheet your level of dance ability including if you can tap dance.

- You will be required to learn a short movement piece prior to the audition day. 

- Please select the choreography that reflects the role/ensemble you wish to audition for.


LEADS – Please learn choreography for “Me And My Girl”

NON-DANCERS/ENSEMBLE – please learn the movement “Lambeth Walk”

DANCE ENSEMBLE – learn choreography for BOTH “Sun Has Got His Hat On” and “Me And My Girl” 

TAPPERS (ensemble/duets/solos) – On the day you will be given a list of five tap movements to perform for the panel.



Please take the rehearsal schedule and your commitment to it seriously. Please do not schedule classes, jobs or appointments during rehearsal AFTER you have accepted a role. Your attendance (or lack thereof) at rehearsals can affect casting at any time in the production period. If you miss too many rehearsals, your role may be recast. Your production team needs you at every rehearsal you are scheduled for. 

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